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Choose the Integration Option that is right for you:

There are multiple ways to incorporate our payment gateway within a website, software, back office application, or mobile device. These options vary based upon ease of integration, required resources, features, and additional security.

Transaction Request APIs
Direct Post API

The Direct Post method is the simplest integration method for both web-based and non web-based payment applications, however, merchants using this integration method should have passed a PCI vulnerability scan before use.

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Three Step Redirect API

The Three Step Redirect is the preferred API for customized web-based payment processing. Using this integration method significantly reduces a merchant’s PCI footprint without sacrificing end-user look and feel. This method is required when using Verified by Visa/Mastercard SecureCode (Payer Authentication).

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The Mobile API supports iOS and Android based devices. These SDKs include a mobile card reader library which simplifies integrations for applications requiring encrypted mobile card readers. Additionally, an end-to-end encryption library is included, allowing merchants to send both swiped and keyed-in payment information without ever touching any sensitive data.

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Transaction Retreival API
Turnkey Shopping Carts
Query API

The Query API allows merchants to download a detailed stream of transaction data. This dataset can then be used to create in-house reports and analytics.

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QuickClick Shopping Cart

QuickClick is a great option for e-commerce merchants who do not have an IT team or developer on staff. A button-generator is included, which allows merchants to create website links to products and services without any previous development experience.

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Third Party Shopping Carts

There are a number of third party shopping carts that have integrated to the payment gateway. This is the best option for merchants who need a full featured turn-key shopping cart out of the box.

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In the fast paced world of electronic payments it is crucial to the success of any new or established software, E-Commerce platform, point of sale, mobile application or cutting edge software or service to have the right electronics payments partner.  Choosing TNB as your softwares payments partner and or gateway provider keeps you ahead of the curve and always in the most advantageous position to win.  

What value can TransNational provide my company?

    • Real Developers to speak with, we call it DOD (Developers On Demand).  Integrations and development are plagued with complications.  We possess the internal staff of industry experts to answer all your development questions on demand.  
    • Coding is complicated enough speaking to a human shouldn’t be.
    • TNB and its partners have developed one of the industries most versatile and robust and cost effective payments gateway.
    • The TNB Gateway comes with an easy to support API with multiple integration methodologies.
    • Offer Credit Cards and ACH Services, Card Tokenization (Customer Vault)
    • Extensive back office and reporting tools.
    • Win*3 Revenue sharing model provides your company with much needed revenue streams while providing your customers with pricing they appreciate you for.
    • Need a shopping cart?  We can provide an easy to integrate SSL secured cart, or we have the ability to integrate into numerous existing carts.

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