Direct Post API

Direct Post API
Steps :
1. The customer sends their payment information to the merchant’s web site.
2. The merchant web site posts the payment data to the Payment Gateway.
3. The Payment Gateway responds immediately with the results of the transactions.
4. The merchant web site displays the appropriate message to the customer.

The communication method used to send messages to the Payment Gateway’s server is the standard HTTP protocol over an SSL connection.

Direct Post API Documentation

Learn how to connect to the TransNational Payment Gateway using Direct Post Method, search for API references, and more.

Download Sample code  for ASP, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, and C#.


  • Before implementing sample code, you must make some necessary modifications in order to submit test or live transactions successfully.
  • Please carefully read the comments in your sample code files for additional information on how to successfully connect to the test or live payment gateway.