Query API


While our online reporting interface allows merchants to quickly and easily retrieve detailed information about past transactions, a need for additional flexibility may be required. For example, a merchant may have custom accounting software that requires up-to-date information about the settlement status of all credit card transactions every day.

This document describes how developers can query our reporting engine directly to retrieve transaction reports in a machine readable format. Once the data has been retrieved, it can then be parsed and imported into a variety of software applications.


The communication protocol used to send messages to the Payment Gateway is through the HTTP protocol over an SSL connection (HTTPS). The format you must use is name/value pairs delimited by ampersand.

URL: https://secure.tnbcigateway.com/api/query.php
Example Query String: username=demo&password=password&transaction_id=123456789

You may use either GET or POST to pass your request to the Query API. The name/value pairs that are accepted by the Payment Gateway can be found in the ‘Variables’ section of this API.

Download Example Code for Query API.