Three Step Redirect API

Three Step Redirect API
Steps :
  • Step One: Submit all transaction details to the Payment Gateway except the customer’s sensitive payment information. The Payment Gateway will return a variable form-url.
  • Step Two: Create an HTML form that collects the customer’s sensitive payment information and use the form-url that the Payment Gateway returns as the submit action in that form.
  • Step Three: Once the customer has been redirected, obtain the token-id and complete the transaction through an HTTPS POST including the token-id which abstracts the sensitive payment information that was collected directly by the Payment Gateway.


Three Step Redirect API Documentation

Learn how to connect to the TransNational Payment Gateway using Three Step Redirect API Method, search for API references, and more.

Download Sample code  for PHP, PHP Customer Vault.


  • Before implementing sample code, you must make some necessary modifications in order to submit test or live transactions successfully.
  • Please carefully read the comments in your sample code files for additional information on how to successfully connect to the test or live payment gateway.